Quartz Musical Cuckoo Clock

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Quartz musical cuckoo clock with moving clock peddler and water wheel. The cuckoo sounds every hour. Once the cuckoo has finished, a musical tune is played and the water wheel turns. At the same time the clock peddler lifts up his walking stick. The clock plays 12 tunes which are:Happy Wanderer, Edelweiss, Dr. Zhivago, Swan Lake, He was beautiful, Lorelei, Home sweet home, Sound of silence, Clementine, The Entertainer, Love theme of the movie, For Elise. The clock features wooden hand, dial and weights. Clock has an automatic night sensor which turns the cuckoo off during the night. Made in Germany, 1 year Warranty. Dimensions: 31cm High x 32cm Wide.Takes 3x “C” Batteries.

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Dimensions32 × 31 cm