Wooden Mini Rotating Music Box

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Wooden Mini Rotating Music Box

Product Size: 7.5*7.5*10 cm

Weight: 250g

Material: Beech, Plastic

There is a metal turntable under the base, which rotates the clockwork 2 to 3 times, and the small animals will slowly rotate with the melody.


  • Donkey (Music: Castle in the sky)
  • Hedgehog (Music: Castle in the sky)
  • Bear (Music: Always with me)
  • Elephant (Music: Always with me)
  • Monkey (Music: Let it go)
  • Puppy (Music: Canon)
  • Kitten (Music: Canon)
  • Penguin (Music: Let it go)
  • Dog with ball (Music: You are my sunshine)
  • Rabbit (Music: You are my sunshine)