Wooderful Life - Orangutan - Tunes: In the Good Old Summer Time

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Music Box Orangutan

Wooderful Life music boxes are handcrafted to perfection and use precise mechanisms. These are products that are made in a way products rarely are these days! A music box given as a gift is a gift that will be cherished for years to come. You'll enjoy beautiful memorable melodies and movement with these music boxes that have old-fashioned clockwork mechanisms requiring no batteries. These unique and cool little music boxes are sure to touch your heart and bring fond memories to life.

An adorable Orangutan does flips on a jungle gym bar as the music "In the Good Old Summer Time" plays in this sweet handcrafted, collectable music box.

This great ape does somersaults!

✔ Packaged Size: 100x100mm

✔ Material: Sustainably-sourced timber

✔ Movement: Character somersaults 360°

✔ Music: In the Good Old Summer Time

Shipping Weight0.4000kg

Shipping Width0.140m

Shipping Height0.150m

Shipping Length0.140m

Shipping Cubic0.002940000m3

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