Crocodile - Easy Level

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Product Description

Crocodile - 3D Craft Kit (OLD VERSION)

New Version (a bird in the crocodile mouth) will come later in 2021

Build your own 3D models with this unique collectable. Beautifully detailed yet simplified miniature animal figures with a couple of spoons of cuteness added in. Kids will collect and treasure them. Made from biodegradable card with natural play ink and non-toxic glue. Simply glue the pieces together in numerical sequence, with assembly taking 10-20 minutes. Designed in New Zealand and patented.

  • Build your own unique 3D craft collectable
  • Beautiful animal figures in exquisite detail that you can craft yourself
  • Made from biodegradable card and printed with natural ink
  • Simply fix the pieces together in numerical sequence using the non-toxic glue
  • Includes fun educational facts; kids will treasure these beautiful keepsakes - collect them all


WIDTH: 8.10 (cm)

HEIGHT: 8.10 (cm)

DEPTH: 8.10 (cm)

Dodoland donates parts of the sales to support local animal protection and also the bush fires' damage!