Veter Models - SpeedFighter - Medium Level

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Since childhood, have you looked at the sky and envied the birds? Haunted by the feat of Icarus? Feel the romance of height and speed with this SpeedFighter. Swiftness, flight, a sense of freedom! All of this you will find in a mechanical DIY aircraft model from Veter Models. Take the helm of a WWII fighter jet. Check out the gracefulness of the lines!

1) Running engine.
2) Functionality of ailerons, elevator, rudder.
3) The model is set in motion by means of a metal spring (accelerates to 1.5m).
4) Retractable landing gear allows you to enjoy the aerodynamic lines of the model on the stand.

The roar of the working propeller engine will allow you to plunge into the world of aerobatics.
Dedicated to all romantics and dreamers!

Some of the amazing features of this product:


  • Self-assembly design;
  • Runs up to 1-meter, open doors, the engine runs, visible engine pistons;
  • Moving propeller and flaps;
  • Easy DIY assembly, no glue or tools required;
  • Elegant and modern design;
  • Material: plastic and plywood;
  • Ideal for home display, collectors.


Self assembly without glue

Parts QTY: 562

Scale: 1:32

Model size on stand: 200 * 300 * 350mm

Model size without stand: 133 * 300 * 350mm

Packing size: 250 * 140 * 30mm

Assembled according to the instructions

Drives up to 1.5 m

Age: 14+

Difficulty level: advanced

Assembly time: 8 hours