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Tucked away on a city street corner, this mysterious bookshop is ordinary on the outside but has a vintage vibe on the inside. The shelves are filled with antique books and classic literature, and each book is the beginning of a story. The picturesque snowy landscape outside the window makes you dream. This may have been a place where writers splashed their ink and love blossomed, or a place for anonymous readers to confide in. In this mysterious space, time seems to become slow and beautiful, bringing pleasure and peace, and allowing one to feel unique emotions.

Bookshop Memories, aims to create a unique vintage reading space for each visitor, leading them through the doors of time and into the mysterious interior of the bookshop. This design incorporates classically ornate details to provide a stunning experience that blends history, culture and fantastical elements.

🍹Specifications 🍹

— SKU: SD01
— Pieces: 137
— Finish Size: 4.5×3.7×6.7in
— Weight: 0.6 kg
— Packaging Size: 28*19.5*4cm
— Assembly Time: 3 hours 
— Recommended Age: Over 14
— Detailed colored instructions in English 

💐 Tips 💐

  • Glue and batteries are NOT included because they are not permitted to ship by air transportation, so please prepare them by yourself. You can choose silicone liquid glue and 2 pcs batteries (type AAA).
  • The BOOK NOOK kit needs to be DIY, Grinding, bonding, assembly, and modeling to finish building your own kit.