Cutebee- RK03 -Fantastic Animal Common Room- Medium Level

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The Fantastic Animal Common Room is a fantastical space that takes time and effort to find, inhabited by ten rare magical creatures, each with their own character and story. Not only can you play with them here (although sometimes they don't pay any attention to you), but you can also learn about the inscrutable magic of plants, as well as learn about the life of a legendary mage 

There are ten fantastic animals in the common room, all of the animals have different characteristics and color. And there is a turnplate on the top of the book nook, like the astrolabe, you can rotate it to choose a fantastic animal as your lucky animal!

🍹Specifications 🍹

— SKU: RK03
— Finish Size: 23×18×11cm
— Weight: 1.2kg
— Packaging Size: 28*19.5*6cm
— Assembly Time: 10 hours 
— Recommended Age: Over 14
— Detailed colored instructions in English

 💐 Tips 💐

  • Glue and batteries are NOT included because they are not permitted to ship by  transportation, so please prepare them by yourself. You can choose silicone liquid glue and 2 pcs batteries (type AAA).
  • The BOOK NOOK kit needs to be DIY, Grinding, bonding, assembly, and modeling to finish building your own kit.