A- Cathy's Flower House - 1:24 DIY Dollhouse Kit - Medium Level

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Once upon a time, in a magical flower house, lived a tiny fairy named Cathy. One sunny morning, when painting, Cathy discovered a withered rose. She was determined to revive it, whispering gentle words of love and caressing it with her wand. The rose immediately bloomed into the most beautiful flower in the garden.

Product Details

  • Rural Style Flooring
    The wooden floor is touched by the golden sunlight in a charming and pastoral atmosphere.
  • Quiet Painting Corner
    Exquisite color palettes and drawing board attract people to savor the creativity.
  • Diverse Colorful Flowers
    These bright flowers describe the house as a fragrant, a blooming and beautiful paradise.

Product Features

  • Easy-to-Follow Assembly
    Match numbered wooden pieces with visuals in our manual. 
  • Boost Brain Skills
    Builds logic and motor skills, fostering patience in kids
  • Gift and Decor Idea
    Perfect for special occasions or as a unique decor item.
  • Pride in Completion
    Share and showcase your finished piece with friends and family.


- Pieces: 231
- Assembled Size: 195*175*175mm
- Assembly Time: 20 Hours
- Scale: 1:18 
- Age Range: over 14 years old
   Warning: Small Parts Not for Children under 3 years old

*Notes: Due to customs policy, glue and battery(CR2032*2) may not be included in the package. Glue: you could use eco-glue, wood glue, or strong glue.


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