Rolife - Domed Loft DIY 1:24 Glass Miniature Dollhouse - Easy Level

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The Mysterious World Miniature Dollhouse Collection brings the magical fantasy to your palm. Unlike the traditional Miniature Dollhouse, you can enjoy the intricated details of this diorama from any angle!

The Glass Miniature Dollhouse comes with a glass cover so you can display your finished miniatures as decoration. The DIY Miniature Dollhouse Kit is perfectly suitable for both beginners who want to try out a new hobby or veterans who are seeking new inspiration for their next craft projects!

Domed Loft - DS001

There is a loft wooden house standing on the lake in the depths of the secret. It is also a pleasure to nest in the loft and watch the stars in the mysterious and silent night.

Product Detail:
Finished Product Dimension: 126*120*248mm
Box Dimension: 288*207*123mm
Included: Glass Cover, Accessories, Brush, Fabric/Metal/Paper/Plastic/Wood, Manual, Glue
Required Tools: Glue (White & Silicone Variant), Rulers & Scissors, Screwdrivers, Needle
Age: 14+
Required Time: about 6 Hours

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