Rolife - Lisa's Tailor Sewing Room - 1:24 DIY Dollhouse Kit - Medium Level

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This cute study room dollhouse makes a great craft project and gift for both children and collectors!
This dollhouse features a very detailed interior design and comes with manual controlled lights that lighten this dollhouse in the dark.
With Lisa's Tailor, you will bring this mini-tailor room to life from the smallest details. This DIY kit is fit for both beginners & experts in dollhouse-making. It is relaxing to wind up after a long week and relaxing with this art & craft project.

- With LED Light (Two lithium button cells excluded- Model: CR2032 Diameter:20MM RT )
- Assembled Size: 225*185*190mm
- With many miniatures, photos, and frames, bookshelves, and books, a chair, ladder, etc.
- With necessary assembly tools, glues, brush, nipper,
- English instructions to show you how to assemble step by step
- Estimated assembly time: 20 hours.