ROKR-LKA01 Steam Engine Mechanical 3D Wooden Puzzle - Medium Level

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    The development of the steam engine is what spurned forth the rapid rise of industrialization, commerce, and global connectivity. It was invented at the age where we can attribute most of the conveniences and mechanization advancements we have today. Celebrate this era of surging productivity with ROKR Steam Engine . This take on the classic steam locomobile features a 3-speed control with the ability to go forwards or backward. It is outfitted with a flippable sunshade, a flame-like light, a turnable steering wheel, and silicone wheels with flywheels. Add on its 4-wheel trailer and you’re ready to transport your haul anywhere. With such an impact on technology and society, the steam engine is truly a marvel to behold. Be innovative. Be creative. Be a proud owner of ROKR Steam Engine today.

    The Age of Steam is back with this classic 3D wooden puzzle by ROKR. This steam engine will surely revolutionize your hobby!

  • A Look Back at History

    It’s a real symbol of this significant time when inventors flourished and imagination ran limitless.

  • Mechanical Transmission

    The steam engine has a mini motor strong enough to propel the car forward or backward even with a full trailer.

  • Three-speed Manual Control

           With the gearbox, you can shift to corresponding positions to park or drive it at               different speed

Product Details

  • The chimney and furnace are designed with lights to replicate the combustion process.
  • The model can keep running in a straight line and pass small barriers.
  • The hidden motor has the high-efficiency output, ensuring the smooth driving.


Assembled Size: 36*12*14.6cm

Pieces: 469

Estimated Time: 7 hours. 

Age Range: > 14 years old

Warning: Small Parts Not for Children under 3 years old

    *Due to customs policy, wax, glue or battery may not be included in the package.