MU Art Model - Magpie Luck Nest - Medium Level

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  • This item is a Multi-language version package and we are working with the manufacturer for further improvement.

  • The instruction is image-based and easy to follow.

  • The default stand is included.

Oriental magpie is a lucky bird in Asia and they are mostly friendly and unharmful, unlike Australians. Whenever you see a magpie set a nest in front of your house or under your eaves, they represent happiness and good luck is coming soon to you and your beloved family.


This model is able to set up a remote control LED light unit inside.

Made by Stainless Steel and Brass.

Sheet size: 250mm*190mm*3 pieces

Parts number: 251

Finished size: The model itself 150mm*105mm*230mm

                      With stand          230mm*180mm*320mm