Rolife - DG164 Corner Bookstore - DIY Dollhouse Kit - Medium Level

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Rolife Corner Bookstore DIY Miniature House shows an outdoor scene of a used bookshop in a small alley corner. Its unique style makes you feel like you're in a literary-filled town. Famous for its long history and many used books, it's a special spot in the local area. The book area offers a variety of books for different readers. Next to the main entrance, there's a window displaying carefully chosen books and antiques collected by the owner, giving you a peek into the store's history. Moving to the side, the owner creatively used every space, adding plants and classical statues, creating a strong artistic atmosphere. These decorations not only make the store more attractive but also give you a pleasant place to read in this charming bookstore. Rolife Corner Bookstore's design perfectly captures the feel of an outdoor bookstore, giving book lovers a chance to experience outdoor reading again. With its well-made design and detailed props, you can enjoy assembling it and get a perfect miniature model to display. This mini scene is not just art but also holds beautiful memories, letting you imagine the nostalgic outdoor reading moments.Product Details

Product Details

Retro Alley

In one corner of the bookstore, clever arrangements of various plants and classical statues add an artistic touch, creating a literary ambiance. 

Book Selection Area

The book selection area offers a wide range of bestsellers for visitors to choose from, ensuring that each visitor finds reading material that captures their interest.

Display Window

The window displays showcase unique books and antiques collected by the bookstore owner, providing visitors with insight into the store's distinctive charm and cultural atmosphere.


- Pieces: 108
- Assembled Size: 24.5*19*19cm
- Assembly Time: 6 Hours
- Age Range: over 14 years old
   Warning: Small Parts Not for Children under 3 years old

*Note: Due to customs policy, glue and battery(AAA*2) may not be included in the package. Glue: You could use eco-glue, wood glue, or strong glue.