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We at Time for Machine embody the designs that the world admires. Meet our SHERP utility task vehicle construction set, a smaller version of all-terrain vehicle №1 according to TopGear. We are proud to announce a collaboration with Sherp and Argo Sherp companies in Canada and North America, and what makes us even more proud is the fact that this prize-winner is our fellow countryman labeled with “Made in Ukraine'' shield sign. We dare to say that our little copy perfectly reflects the temper and nobility of this adventurous and ambitious machine.
SHERP is always ready to lend a friendly shoulder to those whose mission is to survive while overcoming natural difficulties: specialists like geologists, oil workers, rescue agents, as well as fishermen, hunters, extreme drivers, and travelers. It’s worth noting that in partnership with the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP), SHERP fights hunger in several countries around the world.
Modest and somewhat clumsy at first glance, SHERP proves to be a stubborn and determined warrior when your goal is as noble as delivering food to inaccessible areas or rescuing people in natural disasters. Brutal from outside, it does not have destructive temper. Its mission is to help, not to destroy.
Big creatures dream to fly, and our hero is no exception. Although wingless, SHERP is not destined to despair and keeps stubbornly moving toward the goal by overcoming almost vertical obstacles, steep slopes, large rocky boulders, and fallen trees. Sherp by Time for Machine has rubber wheels and a metal body. Just like real Sherp, our construction set can turn around on the spot due to independent rotation of the wheels on every side. The model is navigated by the remote control which has 4 buttons to control the movement of the wheels and a speed lever for 3 speed modes. The model gives incredible positive emotions both during the assembly and when the model overcomes the obstacles.
There are many ways to say to a person: “I admire your power. I feel so safe when you are near. You are so helpful! I know I can always rely on you. I’m happy to be a member of your team! I trust you! You are very special!” But giving our SHERP construction set as a present is the best way to show it.


Created in collaboration with Sherp and Argo Sherp companies, our new all-terrain vehicle is a hard nut to crack. There’s no obstacle it can’t overcome, there’s no rule it can’t break. With 4 buttons to control the movement of the wheels and a speed lever for 3 speed modes, our Sherp is cool enough not to look at explosions, slick enough to turn around on the spot, and awesome enough to become your favorite construction set!


Material: stainless steel

Size: 125*77*85 mm (4.9*3.0*3.3 in)

Weight: 350g (0.77 lb)

Number of pieces: 146

Drive gear: 4WD

Speed modes: 3

Battery slot for 4 AA batteries (model)

Battery slot for 2 AAA batteries (RC)

*batteries are not included