Venice Rialto Bridge Book Shelf - Easy Level

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  • This item is a Chinese version package and we are working with the manufactory for further improvement.
  • The instruction is image-based and in English.
This is a very special DIY miniature kit - you will craft a book nook - bookshelf insert featuring a glimpse of Venice Rialto Bridge or Istanbul Rose Valley.
Place a surreal scenery right in your bookshelf, in the world of words there is a hidden colorful getaway...

"A secret alley, a hidden street into the imagination, nestled between books on a bookshelf; what a fun idea. These dioramas made to fit between books on a shelf are called book nooks, bookshelf inserts, or bookshelf dioramas. I saw some wonderful ones and decided to try my hand at making one."

Get this kit and you will have a lot of fun!

You will receive a package box with all the furniture parts and contents you see in the pictures. Just follow the step-by-step illustrated manual given, you can craft all the miniatures and enjoy the fun-making process. It will take you 6 -12 hours to complete.

Product Info:
Finished book box Size (cm): 10.8 L x 6.5 W x 15 H
Net Weight: 0.6kg
Materials: wood, fabric, paper, resin, plastic. (Glue and Battery are not included due to airmail restrictions)