IDW Megatron - Super Hard Level

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Transformers IDW Megatron


This Transformers Metal Model Kit is made by quality stainless steel. Latest digital technology to colour with a great flashing appearance. Flexible inside space ready to re-designed by any creative ideas from you. For example, put some LED lights behind Megatron's eyes to make your model more vivid. Our models are all licensed by Hasbro, which means a really refined design and such detailed from corner to corner. Starting now and make it happens by your hand!

Megatron waged a battle to destroy the evil forces of the Senate! Then he continued to wage a war against the not-so-evil forces of freedom, organic life, and the very idea of an Autobot living. After some life-changing events, he waged a war against the evil forces of his own past legacy. Currently, however, Megatron's revolution has come full circle, waging a war against the evil forces of the Functionist Council!

Megatron is a master planner, constantly a step ahead of any opponent and even ahead of what he wants now, preparing for anything he may want in the future. He has the physical might to overpower most foes but it's his mind who has one-upped three Primes and rival Decepticons. But his cold clinical nature is a front he has to struggle to keep up, as he's quick to anger and quicker to use excessive violence as his answer to any problem. Megatron's trying to change but he's spent such a long time revelling in violence, it may have been a lost cause from the start.


Additional Information:

  • Over 8 Estimated Hours
  • 3 Pcs of real steel
  • 202 Pcs Assembling
  • 150*90*160mm Finished Dimension
  • 210*270*47mm Package Size
  • 190*250mm Sheet Size
  • Made by 430 Stainless Steel
  • Difficulty Level ★★★★★★