Vidro - Colorful Juice Cup Series

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Japanese traditional craft "Tsugaru Vidro" Juice Glass Cup.

  • F-71445    Pink/Sakura
  • F-71446    Coral
  • F-71447    Blush
  • F-71448    Primrose Yellow
  • F-71449    Yellow Green
  • F-71450    Apple Green
  • F-71451    Jade green
  • F-71452    Skyclearing Blue
  • F-71453    Ocean Blue
  • F-71454    Mountain Blue
  • F-71455    Snow White
  • F-71456    Charcoal Black
Japanese Juice cup where you can enjoy the changing seasons with colored glass that expresses the rich natural scenery of each season. In addition, it could also color your table gorgeously with just this juice cup.

Sence the Seasons in Handmade Glass "Tsugaru Vidro"

Cherry blossoms in spring, festivals in summer, the turning leaves of fall, and the white landscapes of winter. We aspire to bring you the profound colors of the Japanese seasons in the glass. So we create hues in the thousands to sustain our attention to detail.

Tsugaru Vidro is born within the red, blazing, 1500ºC heat of the furnaces. The artisans complete each piece with a smoothness that can only be achieved using a blowing iron with refined skill and ability.

With the emphasis on the Japanese seasons, Tsugaru Vidro captures infinite expressions like the changing scenery through its color combinations. We hope everyone enjoys joyful meals and relaxing moments with colorful, charming Tsugaru Vidro.

Condition: Brand New
Brand: Tsugaru Vidro
Model: Shiki no Sakazuki
Capacity: 260ml
Material: Soda Glass
Pattern: Scenery of each season
Type: Japanese juice cup
Handmade: Yes
Country of origin: Japan
Packing dimensions: 95 x 95 x 105 mm
Language: Japanese
Set contents:
*Dedicated paper box

[Notice]: Because of handmade by craftsmen, there are individual differences in dimensions/capacity/pattern.
Thank you for your understanding in advance.