About us


Welcome to Jolly Whale!

The look of JollyWhale comes from a passionate heart, which was born after countless failed creations. Although JollyWhale sounds like a confusing business name, it actually comes from the initials of two people's names.

This LOGO is also derived from the transformation of J and W. J is soothing because W surrounds him, and W is cheerful because of J's company. The original LOGO used water chalk-like brush strokes to show a kind of "proudly brought to you by some big kids".

With the development of the business, it's time to improve now.


Level Up!

As you may notice, our LOGO has been upgraded! 

As the old logo may still be used on some platforms. The new LOGO will capture the all-new system of Jolly Whale, it still retains the initial ideas, but the painting method and design show a completely different image.




Jolly Whale also has had a hard year in 2020, just like everyone. We have adapted as best as we can, as quickly as we can. And we aren't done. As you may notice that we have more changes to come to you. They are on their way now!



The products we offer are a reflection of what we love as big kids. Our products are chosen from various countries, like Germany, the US, Japan, New Zealand, China, Ukraine, etc. We value the idea and the quality like we used to care about! As we said in DLC, we test them before we put them into the market. 


Customer service is also our top priority, and we are also aiming to provide you with an enjoyable retail experience at Jolly Whale. Be aware of this little whale, we may surface around you someday!