1. What is DIY KIT product?

DIY KIT is a model kit that can be completed after self-assembly according to the provided INSTRUCTION. It is similar to the traditional plastic vehicle model kit (mainly military type). The scope of today's model kits has crossed the boundary of a single content, and now the model kits are more exquisite, chic and worthy of fun. These kit are already a good gifts, if you complete them and then give them to others, it will be even more amazing.

2. I have never tried it/I feel like I have never been a handcrafter

Today model making is no longer a unique hobby of professionals. Due to the advancement of manufacturing technology and artistic design, it is now more oriented towards ordinary people. As long as beginners patiently refer to INSTRUCTION, they will be able to make exquisite finished products.

In addition, JOLLYWHALE provides our customers with difficulty levels as a reference. All products marked with a difficulty level at the end of the product TITLE belong to the model kit. For a good experience and proper technique learning, we always recommend everyone to start with EASY LEVEL.

3. Are they (Japanese Glass/German CUCKOO CLOCK) really handmade?

Yes, they are 100% handmade by the local artisans. (Please note that although the ADIREA series products are exquisite, they are industrial products after artistic design.)

JOLLYWHALE guarantees that every handmade product from professional practitioners is genuine.


4. What is the recommended minimum age to build the kit?

All kids are different of course, here we advise an age that kids could most likely build it independently. 

14 - For Metal Model Kits & Miniature House

10 - For Wooden Model Kits

 5  - For Paper Model Kits



1. How does the product arrive in my hands? How is the shipping cost calculated?

DOMESTIC customers may usually receive packages carried by AUSTRALIA POST. In some cases, we also use TNT/FEDEX to carry local packages.

International guests usually receive packages carried by TNT/FEDEX. Small or light products may be shipped through AUSTRALIA POST OFFICE.

Fixed price! Only $10 for domestic shipping cost, $15 you can get an EXPRESS! We cover the rest of your shipping fee!

JOLLYWHALE uses the carrier's platform to calculate the most reasonable freight to the customer. Under a certain weight and volume, the transportation cost is constant. In some cases, we must consider the cost of packaging (for example, for the safety of transportation of fragile goods, packaging costs will increase).

2. Can I pick up the goods in the same city?

Of course you can! Due to the impact of COVID-19, JOLLYWHALE had to close our physical stores before. In 2021, we will strive to reopen stores locally again, and welcome everyone to visit JOLLYWHALE.

If you are in the same area as JOLLYWHALE, DELIVERY will be free!

3. I want to buy several products, can the shipping cost be reduced?

Yes, you can! If our website system does not correctly display or exempt your shipping costs. Please contact our customer service email JOLLYWHALE.SALE@GMAIL.COM

4. Why is my country/region not on the list of options?

After painful thinking, JOLLYWHALE removed some countries or regions from the shipping list. We are very sorry about this!

Please be assured that this is a last resort decision after at least three frustrating transportation services. In the past sales experience, JOLLYWHALE suffered losses due to repeated failures of customers in some areas to receive the goods correctly. We hope everyone can understand!



1. Can credit cards or PAYPAL be accepted?

Of course, please operate on the CHECK-OUT selection interface.

2. Can third-party payment methods such as AFTER PAY be accepted?

We are applying for AFTER PAY and some other third-party payment services, and we believe it will be available to everyone soon.

3. Can AMERICAN EXPRESS be accepted?

Yes, we do. Please select AMERICAN EXPRESS when check-out.

4. How to use promotional code?

Please use your discount code on the CHECK-OUT selection interface.

5. How to get a promotional code?

Please follow us and pay attention to our SOCIAL MEDIA, there will be special offers from time to time. In some special cases, we will also provide unique discount codes for some customers.



If you still can't find the answer you need here, you are welcome to contact us at any time.

Our sales service email is: Jollywhale.sale@gmail.com