• What is DLC (Difficulty Level Classification)? - The difficulty Level Classification is set by Jolly Whale according to the difficulty level. If the DLC is not marked on the description of the product, which means it is a finished product instead of a model kit. There are four levels for DLC.
  1. Easy Level, which is every easy to make. Most customer could complete just carefully follow the instruction, and no additional tools are required to finish the model kits. We would recommend Easy Level to customers who never make model kits before.
  2. Medium Level, which is moderately difficult to make, and some tools may be needed to assist. It is usually recommended to the customer who have tried similar products before. Children should make the model kits under the supervision of adults. 
  3. Hard Level, which is quite difficult to make it, and you will need some special tools during the process. You need to fully understand the instruction before you start. When you encounter some difficult and not sure how to do, you should read the instruction carefully, predict the next few steps and practice in your mind before you start. Experience is very necessary for hard level, and when you have some problems, you could seek help from the DIY community or group on the social media, or ask our team via jollywhales.sales@gmail.com (if our team happens to make it before).
  4. Challenge Level, which is extremely challenging, and you need to be familiar with the special tools, and know how to control them. You need to  practice in your mind and think twice before you start and you should be able predict the tricky steps. They are not suitable for the beginners.


  • Age recommendation

All kids are different of course, here we advise an age that kids could most likely build it independently. 

14 - For Metal Model Kits & Miniature House

10 - For Wooden Model Kits

 5  - For Paper Model Kits

  • Why we set the DLC?

Many DIY Craft or model kits enthusiasts love our products, but they are not very clear about the time required and the patience they need to pay. At first, we received some complaints from customer, and some customer were disappointed with their work. DLC could prevent you from wasting time and energy, and quickly select the most suitable kits for your family, friends, and yourselves as well.
  • How the DLC is evaluated?

This is the conclusion drawn by Jolly Whale team after making these kits by ourselves. The result is combined with the opinion of 2-3 team members and the suggestions from the vendors.
  • What can I do for the DLC?

You can share your experience in our Facebook or make reviews on our website, or email to us via jollywhale.sales@gmail.com. We will consider your suggestion and review the DLC regularly.