Dodoland - Cockatoo - Easy Level

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Product Description

Cockatoo - 3D Craft Kit

Build your own 3D models with this unique collectable. Beautifully detailed yet simplified miniature animal figures with a couple of spoons of cuteness added in. Kids will collect and treasure them. Made from biodegradable card with natural play ink and non-toxic glue. Simply glue the pieces together in numerical sequence, with assembly taking 10-20 minutes. Designed in New Zealand and patented.

  • Build your own unique 3D craft collectable
  • Beautiful animal figures in exquisite detail that you can craft yourself
  • Made from biodegradable card and printed with natural ink
  • Simply fix the pieces together in numerical sequence using the non-toxic glue
  • Includes fun educational facts; kids will treasure these beautiful keepsakes - collect them all


WIDTH: 8.00 (cm)

HEIGHT: 16.00 (cm)

DEPTH: 2.50 (cm)

Dodoland donates parts of the sales to support local animal protection and also the bush fires' damage!