Veter Models - Speedster-V2 - Medium Level

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Speed, wind in the ears, adrenaline in the blood – all this is Speedster-V2. The mechanical model of self-assembly sport-car. Made in plastic and plywood, Speedster-V2 is a combination of power with grace, design with strength, functionality with durability.

The elegance of the forms and maximum detailing give the impression of speed concentration, power in the palm of your hand:
1) The model is driven by a metal spring and can move either forward or backward. Additionally, it has a neutral mode.
2) The gearshift clutch is located between the passenger seat and the driver’s seat.
3) Fully operational V-type 8-cylinder engine under the hood.
4) Rotative front wheels.
5) Amortization of front wheels.
6) Trunk and hood opening devices.


Why is this product for you?

The Veter Models "Speedster" 3D puzzle car is definitely a must in your permanent collection, having a gorgeous vintage wooden design which will impress you. Made with premium, highly durable materials, with a modern combination of wood and transparent plastic, this sports car mechanical model is a way of relaxing your mind and enjoying a DIY handmade project!

You’ll fall in love instantly with this deluxe collectable car!

Some of the amazing features of this product:

● Self-assembly, no glue required;

● Instructions included;

● Number of parts: 442;

● Scale: 1:24;

● Size of the model: 5.51 x 9.84 x 1.18 inches;

● Working mechanisms can run the car for a distance of up to 10m;

● All doors, trunk and hood open;

● Drive, reverse, neutral mode;

● Wheels turn;

● V-8 engine visible under the hood;

● Age: 14+.