Veter Models - THE THUNDERSTORM EXPRESS - Medium Level

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New, unique 3D model of the train, from Veter Models ! Retro train in the style of dieselpunk. Immerse yourself in the world of long journeys with Thunderstorm Express.

There are more than 7 working units in the train.
  • 3-piston engine
  • The driver's door
  • Boiler window in the cabin
  • Cabin window
  • Hatch mechanic
  • Piston mechanism of rotation of wheels
  • Tender (car) with auto-coupling function with locomotive
  • Freight compartment of the car
  • Reverse

The assembly process is an exciting adventure that everyone can afford. Try our new 3D puzzle and we are sure you will fall in love with it.



Why is this product for you?

Railway, the spirit of adventure with a taste of nostalgia! The power of steel and human thought cannot ignore the adventurous notes of your soul! Immerse yourself in the world of long journeys with Thunderstorm Express.The model of the locomotive with the tender for independent assembly from the Veter Models company will give unforgettable impressions from grace of lines and the maximum detail. Enjoy the running engine, the interior of the driver's cab and the tender mechanism. The model, in addition to moving forward, has a reverse.

the model is made of a hybrid of wood and plastic. This new technology allows you to achieve previously unprecedented reliability and durability. Plastic in the composition, opens up great opportunities for functionality and detail. The model is easier to assemble and it looks more futuristic. Try this technological designer and see for yourself.

Some of the amazing features of this product:

Number of parts: 538
Difficulty: medium
Self-assembly without glue
Scale: 1:87
Model size: 164 * 80 * 55 mm
Package size: 250 * 140 * 30 mm
Assembled according to instructions
Passes up to 3 m
Harvest time: 9 hours
Age: 14+

Basic - Train, tender, rails 440 mm.

The below package will be availableĀ later.

Full - Train, tender, bridge-support, rails 2 m.