Dodoland - Frilled Lizard - Easy Level

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Good for nature AND for you! EUGY encourages creativity as well as being environmentally friendly.
So go on...bring home your wild!


Surprise animal lovers with this one-of-a-kind, and fun craftactivity

They will truly appreciate having wildlife available at the palm of theirhands with our uniquely characterized animal EUGYs. We use 100% premiumcardboard. cardboard, printed with non-toxic ink, and provided with non-toxicglue. There is no plastic wrapping in our EUGY packs!

Enjoy watching your animals come to life as you build them together. Witnesschildren develop their problem-solving and concentration skills throughout this20-minute craft activity.


  • The model is made with 100% premium cardboard.
  • The carpboard is printed with ink that is vegan, and non-toxic.
  • Interesting and educational fun facts about each animal are also included!
  • Our adhesive glue is also completely non-toxic and water-soluble.
  • Simple instructions are printed on the pack.
  • Anyone can bring their EUGY to life in 20 minutes!
  • This kit measures x cm assembled.

Suitable for ages 6 & up