Rolife - Happy Meals Kitchen - DIY Plastic Miniature House - Easy Level

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Rolife Happy Meals Kitchen Miniature House DW008 is equipped with a solid wood textured dining table chair with a natural and livable atmosphere. The well-designed prep table, openable cabinet doors, and storage functionality can meet practical cooking needs. Besides, it features a mini microwave and an enlarged and deepened sink. The unique oven-integrated stove, lifelike steak, exquisite enamel pot, and flexible large refrigerator with open-close features showcase this kitchen miniature kit that prioritizes attention to detail. Various pre-made food toys add more fun to the construction process.

Product Details

  • Dining Area

    This area has a dining table with a wood texture surface and various pretend-to-play food toys.

  • Kitchen Countertop

    There is an openable cabinet, a broader and deeper sink, and a microwave.

  • Oven-Integrated Stove

    It offers a lifelike steak with visible textures, elegant enamel pots, and a spacious refrigerator with flexible opening.

Item specifics

Pieces: 152

Assembled Size: 16.3*16.3*15.2cm

Package Size: 29*19*7cm

Assembled Time: 30 minutes to 1 hour