Rolife - Sweet Dream Bedroom - DIY Plastic Miniature House - Easy Level

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Rolife Sweet Dream Bedroom Miniature House DW009 features a classic layout of a typical daily sleeping space with a comforting tone of natural wood and creamy yellow. It creates an environment conducive to easy relaxation and peaceful sleep. There are various props to play and colorful illustrations, decorating a warm and elegant bedroom.
The sleeping area has an iron-style bed with removable bedding, accompanied by a nightstand with convenient opening drawers. A 360-degree rotating small mirror is on the table in the dressing area, and a spacious storage box is on the side of the vintage-patterned chair, providing a versatile grooming space. The most immersive element in the room is the openable drawers of the cabinets, allowing you to organize small items and personalize this inviting bedroom during assembly.

Product details

  • Sweet Sleeping Area

    The iron-style bed frame is designed with removable bedding and a nightstand supporting opening drawers.

  • Dressing Vanity

    It has a 360° rotating makeup mirror, a versatile small square table, an ample storage box, and a retro-patterned chair.

  • Five-Drawer Cabinet

    The cabinet's drawers open and close smoothly, providing storage space and aromatherapy.

Item specifics

Pieces: 95

Assembled Size: 16.3*16.3*15.2cm

Package Size: 29*19*7cm

Assembled Time: 30 minutes to 1 hour