Rolife -Cozy Living Lounge - DIY Plastic Miniature House - Easy Level

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Rolife Cozy Living Lounge Miniature Houseis designed to create a charming miniature world, offering a cozy, comfortable, and leisurely living room experience. This DIY miniature kit features a warm wooden-style design. Especially the upright leather sofa is perfect for sharing laughter with family or savoring a cup of coffee alone. The living room has well-designed bookshelves and storage cabinets, making the house look clean. This is not just a DIY miniature house; it's a warm place that allows you to escape the busy life for a few hours to relax your mind. Build this cozy, warm house and share it and your unique construction experience with your family.

Product details

  • Combination Coffee Table

    It features a design replicating a laptop's flip-open style, with a lid on the table that can be lifted.

  • Coffee Machine Sideboard

    It features a hinged top lid, a twistable water outlet, and it even includes a vintage record player on top.

  • Elegant Reading Nook

    In this cozy reading nook, you'll find various books that can be arranged to your liking. It also comes with storage boxes for practical use.

Item specifics

Pieces: 114

Assembled Size: 16.3*16.3*15.2cm

Package Size: 29*19*7cm

Assembled Time: 30 minutes to 1 hour