Rolife - Becka's Baking House - 1:24 DIY Dollhouse Kit - Medium Level

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This is a popular retro bakery that sells a variety of bread, lovely-shaped desserts, and jams. Come with me and pack away the happiness!
The Rolife Becka’s Baking House DIY Miniature House Kit is the perfect way to exercise your creativity and craftsmanship skills while building your very own charming miniature house. This kit comes with everything you need to construct a beautifully detailed and realistic replica of a cozy bakery, including miniature furniture, decorations, and even LED lights to illuminate the interior. With easy-to-follow instructions and high-quality materials, this DIY project is a fun and engaging activity for hobbyists of all ages. Plus, once you’ve completed your miniature house, it makes for a unique and eye-catching decoration to display in your home or office. Get your hands on the Rolife Becka’s Baking House DIY Miniature House Kit today and start building your own miniature masterpiece!
*Note: Due to customs policy, glue and battery(AAA*2) may not be included in the package.

Easy Assembly (no coloring needed): All the miniature house kits in this series come with paints and don't need extra painting. Also, compared to the previous products, this series has increased the proportion of finished parts, making the assembly process simpler and more comfortable.

Size: 21.5*15.7*14.9 (cm)

Weight: 0.8kg