TimeForMachine - Starbreeze Explorer - Challenge Level

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Starbreeze Explorer


ENG  Are you a passionate fan of model design and have already assembled all the existing types of machines? Or do you just tread this path and dream of showing off among the like-minded ones? We offer a unique design, the analogues of which no one has assembled yet - a model of a real space shuttle! And let Elon Musk, for whom his rocketry is much more expensive, envy you…



Dimensions: 253 × 118 × 212 mm

The model is set in motion by the mechanism working from a spring

The wings of the cargo compartment can be opened

The model consists of separable parts: the shuttle can be separated from the accelerator unit and the whole ship can be removed from the stand

The stand design copies Cape Canaveral coastline

User-friendly visual manual in 12 languages