MU Art Model - T5 Bumblebee - Challenge Level

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Transformers 5 Bumblebee

This Transformers Metal Model Kit is made of quality stainless steel, coloured using the latest digital technology to make for a polished finish. For experienced model makers, they come with flexible hollow spaces within them, allowing for further customisation via the addition of electronics and LEDs. Our models are also all licensed by Hasbro, allowing for professionally detailed designs that you can put together yourself!

The Transformers 5 Bumblebee model contains over 10 magnetic joints and parts, designed with 430 stainless steel to be easily shaped and put together buy you, allowing for a greater diversity of poses and movements once finished!

Bumblebee is one of Optimus Prime's most trusted lieutenants. Although he is not the strongest or most powerful of the Autobots, Bumblebee more than makes up for this with a bottomless well of luck, determination and bravery. He would gladly give his life to protect others and stop the Decepticons.

Badly damaged in battle, Bumblebee lost the ability to speak verbally, though he can still communicate over inter-Autobot frequencies (in a fashion that seems somewhat akin to instant messaging, a usable but more distant and less personal means of interaction). He can also communicate with the Autobots' human allies and his friend, Sam Witwicky, by playing audio clips from popular media on his radio. Though he has these stable forms of communication, Bumblebee would love nothing more than to finally get his voice back someday.

As the battles on Earth have raged on and more of their old friends have perished in the fighting, Bumblebee has found himself forced to step up as acting Autobot leader whenever Optimus isn't around. This stint at leadership isn't exactly going that well, as not only are there barely any surviving Autobots around to lead, not many of them respect his authority. Bumblebee's trying his best, but he shows all the signs of a young 'bot forced to grow up too fast, with his impulsiveness sometimes giving the Autobots as much trouble as their adversaries.

He is also known as N.B.E.-02, ZB-7, or B-127, and has operated under the codename Goldwheels. He is also partnered with the Dinobot Strafe, and is brothers-in-arms with fellow Autobot Hot Rod.

Additional Information:

  • Over 18 Estimated Hours
  • 4 Pcs of real steel
  • 323 Pcs Assembling
  • 115*140*180mm Finished Dimension
  • 210*270*47mm Package Size
  • 190*250mm Sheet Size
  • Made by 430 Stainless Steel
  • Difficulty Level ★★★★★★★★