MU Art Model - T5 Sqweeks - Medium Level

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Transformers 5 Sqweeks

This cute Transformers Metal Model Kit is made by quality stainless steel. Latest digital technology to colour with a great flashing appearance. Flexible inside space ready to be re-designed by any creative ideas from you. For example, put some LED lights behind Sqweeks's eyes to make your model more vivid. Our models are all licensed by Hasbro, which means a really refined design and such detail from corner to corner. Start now and make it by your hand!

Izabella found Sqweeks in the ruins of Chicago, and immediately took in the little Autobot as a new friend and travelling companion. Badly damaged, unable to transform, and prone to falling apart, Sqweeks' damaged vocal processor limits him to a single word, which he uses to its fullest.

Sqweeks isn't the biggest or toughest Autobot around — and in fact most other Autobots find him either ugly, annoying, or both — but what he lacks in size and bulk he makes up for in pluck, determination, devotion to his friends... and a massive, fortification-levelling blaster.

Additional Information:

  • Over 10 Estimated Hours
  • 4 Pcs of real steel
  • 134 Pcs Assembling
  • 70*70*120mm Finished Dimension
  • 260*130*24mm Package Size
  • 190*250mm Sheet Size
  • Made by 430 Stainless Steel
  • Difficulty Level ★★★★★