MU Art Model - Ponlai Wonderland - Medium Level

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Ponlai Wonderland
Thousand years ago, there was an emperor, who wanted his dynasty to be forever, and he himself could stay young and live forever as well. One night, he dreamed an elder came to him and took him to the seaside. He vaguely saw a wonderland with flashing lights on the sea and heard a wonderful tone from there. He asked the elder where was there, the elder said nothing, but took him flying to that wonderland. When they arrived, the Emperor found himself unexplainable comfortable and pleasure that he had never experienced. He was told that here was Ponlai Wonderland, and no one can live forever in the world, but they could come here to enjoy themselves after death. How long you stay here depends on how many people in the world remember you, the more people remember your kind deeds, the longer you would stay here to enjoy. When the Emperor woke up, he thought that was just a dream until he found a piece of leaf from Ponlai Wonderland. He then worked harder in government and was dedicated himself to benefiting his people. Under his governance, his people lived and worked in peace and contentment. After his death, all his people mourned him heartily. And, in Ponlai Wonderland, he saw the elder who helped him in his dream and thanked him.

This is a model kit that needs you to build them piece by piece. MU model kits are made from high-quality steel sheets. Each model features amazing detail with parts cut from one or more steel sheets. Easy to follow instructions are included with each kit and NO GLUE OR SOLDER REQUIRED! Simply snap out the pieces and bend the tabs through corresponding connection points.

Original design, No glue required.
Amazing details, wonderful DIY experience.
Step by Step easy to follow the image-based instructions manual

Note: Small parts should be kept away from children under 3 years old. Be careful of the sharp parts!
Finished Size:
22 x 20 x 35cm